Hello, Internet!  

I’m Lindsey LaParl, a designer working and living in Chicago.  As a designer, I help clients stay relevant and solve problems by going beyond what’s asked of me. I dive deep to find out what a client needs and look at each project from a big picture perspective, as well as a bulls eye view.

My work experience spans from customized digital experiences for small businesses, to multifaceted campaigns for big brand retailers. I’m passionate about the design process as a whole, and appreciate the importance of research, creative strategy and vision. My excitement grows from the first scribbles and sketches on a notebook and continues in working with the QA team to ensure every pixel is perfect. Not only do I create and design, but I also enjoying presenting my work and projects internally and to clients in new biz pitches. 

I do best in a fast-paced, collaborative and challenging environment with opportunity for growth and professional development. When I'm not manipulating anchor points or pushing pixels, I am sifting through the bric-brac section of the local Salvation Army in search of treasure, or running late to dinner because I stopped to Instagram something. 

Currently available for freelance.


"It makes me feel guilty that anybody should have such a good time doing what they are supposed to do."
—Charles Eames